Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Sunga is the spanish word for speedo, and at long last here is an epic photo of me in a speedo on Copacabana beach...try not to drool on your screen (or throw up). Also, here is a video of an Asado that I went to last sunday. An Asasdo is an Argentinian BBQ. In the video you can probably hear our host speaking castellano (as none of them speak english) and hopefully you can see the meat on the parilla (grill).

We have been working pretty hard at school lately, so I do not have too much else to report. Hopefully, when I have some more free time I will write a longer entry. Hope you all are doing well! Chau.


Blogger D&R said...

Those look like old lady underwear. Are you sure it was a speedo

6:05 AM  

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