Monday, October 02, 2006

Dale Boca!!

Sorry for the delay, but we have been working pretty hard these days on architecture, actually have a presentation this wednesday. Basically, we have been pretty busy at school, so there is not too much to report. I did, however, go to another soccer match on sunday with a friend of mine. We actually went with a large group of people, and it turned out to be a whole day affair. We left my house around noon, and arrived at the spanish school where I am taking classes. A bus pulled up and took us, along with many other foreigners to La Boca, the neighborhood where Boca's field, the Bombonera (Chocoloate Box) is located. Of course we first went to a bar, and were given pizza and beer, the whole time singing songs about the Boca team. We left the bar and went to the field. The Bombonera is akin to Wrigley or Fenway, in terms of its tradition and fame, needless to say I was excited to go.

Our tickets were in the 'popular', or the section where there are no seats, everybody stands, and they jam as many people as possible into the stands. You really cannot even move, and when Boca scored, people are falling all over you...truly amazing. There are some short videos of the game for you posted here. Boca was actually losing 0-2 at halftime and came back to win 3-2, and the place went crazy. Their star forward, Palacio had two goals. You could also see Diego Maradona in his private box on the other side of the field, he was leaning out and flailing his arms like a crazy person, which he is (You can make him out in one of the pictures). If you don't know who Maradona is, I am not even going to explain, just google him, should be more than enough information.

Anyway, next saturday we are going to Brazil for 8 days, Sao Paolo and Rio. I am excited to be back in Rio, hopefully I will be able to catch up with some old friends. Also, I had my camera stolen the other day on the subway, so the pictures on the site are actually my friends. Not to worry, however, apparently a new camera is on the way. Hope everything is going well with all of you back home. Chau.


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