Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back To Rio!!!

It was a very busy week, as the entire group traveled to Brazil to see some architecture. We first flew into Sao Paolo, and then moved on to Rio (my old stomping grounds) We woke up very early every morning, and toured the city all day, it was exhausting. We did, however, see some amazing works of architecture, and had some interesting experiences as I will elaborate on here.

We flew into Sao Paolo early saturday morning and took a tour of the city. Sao Paolo is the major business center of Brazil. Sao Paolo is also a state in Brazil, just like the state of Rio, whose capital is Sao Paolo City. I had previously thought the soccer team Santos FC, who I played for in Arizona, was from the city of Sao Paolo, but it is actually from the state of Sao Paolo. Santos is the major port town in the state of Sao Paolo and is located about an hour from Sao Paolo City.

The major avenue in Sao Paolo is called Paulista, it separates the old town from the new town. We saw three major architects throughout the trip, Oscar Neyermeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, and Rocha. Neyermeyer has hundreds of works in Brazil, and they are easily noticed...always white with black glass, and curvy. While Rio has a reputation for being dangerous, I remember the owner of the hostel I stayed in Rio, when I worked for an architect there, telling me how he and his wife were kidnapped in Sao Paolo for two days. Sao Paolo is quite a large city, takes up a lot of space like Phoenix, but all the buildings are several stories high. I made a video from the top of a can hear the chants of the fans from Corinthians in the background.

Fortunately, nothing happened to us in Sao Paolo, but Rio was a different story. The group was in an area outside Rio called Pedrugulho, where there was a social housing project near the favelas. As we were standing outside the housing project, in a group of about 30 including the president of the homeowners association, two members of our group were robbed at gun point. The robber then turned the gun on the entire group, but did not fire at all. He ran over to his buddy on a motorcycle and sped off. Needless to say, we left the area without the tour of the housing project. Additionally, two of my buddies were robbed, although not at gun point, in an area of Rio called Lapa. Lapa is a popular place to go out at night, and needless to say my buddies were being kind of stupid, but they did not lose very much money, so everything was fine.

We took time out of our busy schedule to go to Copacabana beach a few times, the weather was not amazing, but it was certainly good enough. I made a video of the beach, and took a picture of my friend who was tormenting a small crab. Ahhh, the beaches of Brazil, some of the best in the world. Anyway, we are now back in BsAs, and taking the day off from work to recover. Today is Mothers Day in Happy Mothers Day to my Mom...Hope you had a wonderful day. Chau for now.


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