Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello everybody. For all those who followed the RecklessinRio blog, hopefully you will also enjoy this blog about my semester in Buenos Aires. I have been here for a month so far, and finally have internet in my apartment. My apartment is located in Palermo, on Scalabrini Ortiz and Charcas. I am living with a girl from school named Stephanie, and many of the other students live nearby. Anyway, I should probably catch everybody up on what has been happening here for the last month.

We arrived and began an intensive spanish class, 4 hours a day for 3 weeks. After that architecture school began. School is located quite far from our apartment, so it takes about 30-45 minutes to get there. Usually we take the subte (underground) or the bus. The faciliites are quite nice, actually brand new, as we are a test run for the new architecture program opening at the school, Torcuato di Tella.

The second weeked I was here I went to Colonia, Uruguay. You take a ferry over, and it only takes about an hour. Colonia is a very small town, used to be a fortress, and has a lot of history. The first night I stayed in a hostel, and they gave us bicycles to ride around the city. We rode around and eventually founds some other architecture students who had gone over the day before. We hung out with some locals and stayed up late. The next day we all rented motorscooters and cruised out into the country. We stumbled upon the largest keychain collection in the world, located at a farm that makes different types of jams. We tried all sorts of jams, ranging from strawberry to onion.

The next weekend 10 of us took a bus to Mendoza on our way to ski in the Andes at a place called Las Lenas. The trip to Mendoza took 16 hours, and we still had 6 hours more to travel. So we rented a 10 person mini bus and drove ourselves the rest of the way. There was no place to stay when we finally got to Las Lenas in the late hours of the night, but we eventually found a small hostel, and even though they were our of beds, they gave us blankets to sleep next to a giant walk in fireplace. They even arranged for us to stay in a house in Malargue, a town only a few kilometers away. We skiied Las Lenas for two days, and began the long journey back home. The second day was a little tough for me, as I had woken up in the middle of the night and it felt like my eyes were on fire, it was extremely painful. I guess it is important to wear sunglasses when skiing all day.

Last week we had a lot of work to do at school. We are working on projects in groups of 3s, and each group has a local architecture student in it. My group has a guy named Martin. He is nice, and knowledgeable. Our group is working on creating something with clothespins, and I think we have done some good work so far, we will present the project on monday. Hopefully it goes well.

Anyway, it is friday, the beginning of a new weekend. Not sure what the plans are this weekend, but there is plenty to do in the city. Hope everybody is doing well, and look forward to hearing your comments. Adios from BsAs.


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