Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Sunga is the spanish word for speedo, and at long last here is an epic photo of me in a speedo on Copacabana beach...try not to drool on your screen (or throw up). Also, here is a video of an Asado that I went to last sunday. An Asasdo is an Argentinian BBQ. In the video you can probably hear our host speaking castellano (as none of them speak english) and hopefully you can see the meat on the parilla (grill).

We have been working pretty hard at school lately, so I do not have too much else to report. Hopefully, when I have some more free time I will write a longer entry. Hope you all are doing well! Chau.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back To Rio!!!

It was a very busy week, as the entire group traveled to Brazil to see some architecture. We first flew into Sao Paolo, and then moved on to Rio (my old stomping grounds) We woke up very early every morning, and toured the city all day, it was exhausting. We did, however, see some amazing works of architecture, and had some interesting experiences as I will elaborate on here.

We flew into Sao Paolo early saturday morning and took a tour of the city. Sao Paolo is the major business center of Brazil. Sao Paolo is also a state in Brazil, just like the state of Rio, whose capital is Sao Paolo City. I had previously thought the soccer team Santos FC, who I played for in Arizona, was from the city of Sao Paolo, but it is actually from the state of Sao Paolo. Santos is the major port town in the state of Sao Paolo and is located about an hour from Sao Paolo City.

The major avenue in Sao Paolo is called Paulista, it separates the old town from the new town. We saw three major architects throughout the trip, Oscar Neyermeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, and Rocha. Neyermeyer has hundreds of works in Brazil, and they are easily noticed...always white with black glass, and curvy. While Rio has a reputation for being dangerous, I remember the owner of the hostel I stayed in Rio, when I worked for an architect there, telling me how he and his wife were kidnapped in Sao Paolo for two days. Sao Paolo is quite a large city, takes up a lot of space like Phoenix, but all the buildings are several stories high. I made a video from the top of a can hear the chants of the fans from Corinthians in the background.

Fortunately, nothing happened to us in Sao Paolo, but Rio was a different story. The group was in an area outside Rio called Pedrugulho, where there was a social housing project near the favelas. As we were standing outside the housing project, in a group of about 30 including the president of the homeowners association, two members of our group were robbed at gun point. The robber then turned the gun on the entire group, but did not fire at all. He ran over to his buddy on a motorcycle and sped off. Needless to say, we left the area without the tour of the housing project. Additionally, two of my buddies were robbed, although not at gun point, in an area of Rio called Lapa. Lapa is a popular place to go out at night, and needless to say my buddies were being kind of stupid, but they did not lose very much money, so everything was fine.

We took time out of our busy schedule to go to Copacabana beach a few times, the weather was not amazing, but it was certainly good enough. I made a video of the beach, and took a picture of my friend who was tormenting a small crab. Ahhh, the beaches of Brazil, some of the best in the world. Anyway, we are now back in BsAs, and taking the day off from work to recover. Today is Mothers Day in Happy Mothers Day to my Mom...Hope you had a wonderful day. Chau for now.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dale Boca!!

Sorry for the delay, but we have been working pretty hard these days on architecture, actually have a presentation this wednesday. Basically, we have been pretty busy at school, so there is not too much to report. I did, however, go to another soccer match on sunday with a friend of mine. We actually went with a large group of people, and it turned out to be a whole day affair. We left my house around noon, and arrived at the spanish school where I am taking classes. A bus pulled up and took us, along with many other foreigners to La Boca, the neighborhood where Boca's field, the Bombonera (Chocoloate Box) is located. Of course we first went to a bar, and were given pizza and beer, the whole time singing songs about the Boca team. We left the bar and went to the field. The Bombonera is akin to Wrigley or Fenway, in terms of its tradition and fame, needless to say I was excited to go.

Our tickets were in the 'popular', or the section where there are no seats, everybody stands, and they jam as many people as possible into the stands. You really cannot even move, and when Boca scored, people are falling all over you...truly amazing. There are some short videos of the game for you posted here. Boca was actually losing 0-2 at halftime and came back to win 3-2, and the place went crazy. Their star forward, Palacio had two goals. You could also see Diego Maradona in his private box on the other side of the field, he was leaning out and flailing his arms like a crazy person, which he is (You can make him out in one of the pictures). If you don't know who Maradona is, I am not even going to explain, just google him, should be more than enough information.

Anyway, next saturday we are going to Brazil for 8 days, Sao Paolo and Rio. I am excited to be back in Rio, hopefully I will be able to catch up with some old friends. Also, I had my camera stolen the other day on the subway, so the pictures on the site are actually my friends. Not to worry, however, apparently a new camera is on the way. Hope everything is going well with all of you back home. Chau.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bailando Solo

This is the Argentinian that is in my three person architecture group. Not sure what is crazier, the fact that he put this on the internet, or the fact that he showed it to us the other day.

And if that wasn´t enough, the other American in our group showed us this movie( that he was part of. He is the long blond haired guy, it was shot in a hospital in Arizona.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dale Rojo!

Went to my first soccer game in argentina, and could not have been more excited. A friend of Matt Garlicks, named Liso, invited me to see Independiente (my favorite team in Argentina) play against rival San Lorenzo. Liso is a member of the club, so we had preferred parking, and seats only a few rows from the field right in the center. Unfortunately, Independiente lost (0-1), but the experience was still great. Leaving the stadium took a very long time, as all the home fans have to wait inside until the visiting fans section has cleared out. After that, the streets are so packed with people, they do not let cars out, and even when they do, it's still chaos. It must have taken us two hours to get home from the game, and only 15 minutes to get there. I am hoping that this video I took with my camera of the game will work. Here is the link.

If that does not work, try copy and pasting this link:

My good friend Tim Van Voris will be traveling into BsAs tomorrow. I have not seen him in quite some time, and am excited to hang out with him. Also, I am starting more spanish classes, trying to get as good as I can while I am here. Other than that not too much else is going on. School has been going fairly well, although we have been pretty busy, a few late nights in the classroom lately. For some reason it's not as bad working late in a foreign country. Anyway, that's all for now. Hope everybody is doing well. Talk to you soon.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote, traveled to an Estancia (Gaucho Ranch), learned about our architecture project for the semester, and hung out with friends in BA. The weather here this week was cold at times, but the weekend was quite nice. I was actually able to just wear a t-shirt and jeans for most of the day, but it still was a little chilly at night. It has been nice to be able to leave our windows open at our apartment, it can get a little stuffy in here, even though the traffic situation below is quite noisy.

Anyway, I was taken by some friends, and yes dad they were female, to an Estancia about 90 km outside of the city. The ranch is more like an amusement park than an actual ranch, but still quite enjoyable. We were able to ride horses, take carriage rides, and watch guachos work their magic on a horse. The guachos raced each other, and used pointed sticks to spear rings hanging on a wooden post at full speed, pretty amazing. There was also about a 3 hour lunch, with entertainment ranging from tango dancers, some sort of dance with wooden balls connected to a string, and lots of singing. The host sang songs from every country that the people in the audience were from. For me he sang "When the Saints Go Marching In". I have some video footage of the events as well, and as soon as I can figure out how to post them I will. I figured it out. Enjoy.

We were also working hard on architecture this week, and learned about our site. It is a very confusing site, a lot is going on, so it should be interesting. There is an unfinished freeway, shelter for homeless kids, the archaeological remains from a concentration camp from the military rule of the 70's and many homeless people living on the site. We are still not sure what the exact program for the site is yet, so we are in the process of documenting and diagramming the site in order to understand it better.

Everything else is pretty much normal here. Hope everybody is doing well, talk to you soon.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello everybody. For all those who followed the RecklessinRio blog, hopefully you will also enjoy this blog about my semester in Buenos Aires. I have been here for a month so far, and finally have internet in my apartment. My apartment is located in Palermo, on Scalabrini Ortiz and Charcas. I am living with a girl from school named Stephanie, and many of the other students live nearby. Anyway, I should probably catch everybody up on what has been happening here for the last month.

We arrived and began an intensive spanish class, 4 hours a day for 3 weeks. After that architecture school began. School is located quite far from our apartment, so it takes about 30-45 minutes to get there. Usually we take the subte (underground) or the bus. The faciliites are quite nice, actually brand new, as we are a test run for the new architecture program opening at the school, Torcuato di Tella.

The second weeked I was here I went to Colonia, Uruguay. You take a ferry over, and it only takes about an hour. Colonia is a very small town, used to be a fortress, and has a lot of history. The first night I stayed in a hostel, and they gave us bicycles to ride around the city. We rode around and eventually founds some other architecture students who had gone over the day before. We hung out with some locals and stayed up late. The next day we all rented motorscooters and cruised out into the country. We stumbled upon the largest keychain collection in the world, located at a farm that makes different types of jams. We tried all sorts of jams, ranging from strawberry to onion.

The next weekend 10 of us took a bus to Mendoza on our way to ski in the Andes at a place called Las Lenas. The trip to Mendoza took 16 hours, and we still had 6 hours more to travel. So we rented a 10 person mini bus and drove ourselves the rest of the way. There was no place to stay when we finally got to Las Lenas in the late hours of the night, but we eventually found a small hostel, and even though they were our of beds, they gave us blankets to sleep next to a giant walk in fireplace. They even arranged for us to stay in a house in Malargue, a town only a few kilometers away. We skiied Las Lenas for two days, and began the long journey back home. The second day was a little tough for me, as I had woken up in the middle of the night and it felt like my eyes were on fire, it was extremely painful. I guess it is important to wear sunglasses when skiing all day.

Last week we had a lot of work to do at school. We are working on projects in groups of 3s, and each group has a local architecture student in it. My group has a guy named Martin. He is nice, and knowledgeable. Our group is working on creating something with clothespins, and I think we have done some good work so far, we will present the project on monday. Hopefully it goes well.

Anyway, it is friday, the beginning of a new weekend. Not sure what the plans are this weekend, but there is plenty to do in the city. Hope everybody is doing well, and look forward to hearing your comments. Adios from BsAs.